If you’re interested, please fill out an application.

Additionally, please send to filmlab@steeltown.org:

  • your headshot
  • resume
  • a short video to showcase your acting i.e. a reel, scene from a film or commercial, or a self tape monologue or reading from a scene

For Character Breakdowns


JORDAN – early 30s, sweet, a little misguided, flirtatious

VICKY – Late 20’s, tomboy, smart, successful woman in the Bay Area tech space, driven, will do anything to succeed

DES – 24, incredibly well polished gay man working in tech in the Bay Area, fun and full of life

KINGSLEY – 70s, a local pastor and community developer in the Hill. Pure of heart but also knows how the world works and sometimes agrees to go along with it. Can be an “ends justify the means” kind of man.

XAVIER  – Mid 70’s, skinny with just a few teeth missing, local business owner in the Hill

ANGELA – Young 20’s single mom, sweet, means well but not the brightest bulb in the box

STEPHANIE – 26, Emo, super hot for a girl in tech and enjoys playing the field of women who adore her

BUTLER MR. DEASE – mid 50’s, elegant, loyal and gentle

GARY/DONALD/PRA STAFFERS – MID 50s, Romney-esque, men and women. Professional, high class, work in service to the community but give major preference to high-end, wealthy individuals and projects.

PATRON  1, 2, 3 – chic, African American of any age, pushing their personal causes without shame

OLDER COUPLE – 70s, chic, African American husband/wife duo

LAVERNE LIVINGSTON – 80 years old, African American, business mogul, high class but uncensored at this stage of life. Feisty, sometimes interpreted as senile but in reality, she’s sharp as tac.

FORTE and MS. AIKEN – 70s, African American, sweet as pie to your face but sassy and full of gossip behind your back. Ms. Forte and Ms. Aiken have lived in the Hill their entire lives and fancy themselves the guardians of the neighborhood.

ZACH CALLOWAY – mid 40s, smug, a total jerk who parades as a community leader

AFRICAN AMERICAN DUDE – originally from Pittsburgh, now lives in SF but reps his hometown hard

CATHERINE – Mid-30’s, sharp and smart, dressed impeccably well, 100% career focused

RAN – Hill District native, big, could be misinterpreted as a threat but a total softie at heart

FUN GIRL 1 AND 2 – pretty, ditsy, and shameless

TERRI – poor, single mother, puts family first, loves her kids, generous with the little she has but life has not been easy on her

BARTENDER – lived his life in this dive bar, total Pittsburgh through and through, Steelers loving, beer drinking, loud mouthed, joyful

POWELL – old school Hill District resident, wants his community to thrive