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Steeltown Entertainment Project and Carnegie Screenwriters are excited to be hosting an evening of networking for Pittsburgh's growing arts, entertainment, and filmmaking communities. Promote your upcoming film project!  

This is a great networking opportunity for people who are looking to get experience on set as well as for independent filmmakers who want to find crew members.

During the event, we will highlight just a few of the wonderful talents in the community. Also, we'll be showing reels of current projects or previous work for anyone who would like to submit. 

Complimentary appetizers provided by Marty's Market | Cash Bar  

This event is free and open to all ages.

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Our Steeltown Indie Program offers educational and mentorship opportunities, provides networking events, and helps develop projects and people.  Our objective is to further strengthen and build Pittsburgh’s independent film community as a whole, as well as to provide even more targeted mentorship and development to the selectees of the first Steeltown Indie Class. Our selectees (listed below) will receive cash grants and access to a variety of mentors from Steeltown’s extensive network.  

We’re very excited about the talent, work ethic, character, and camaraderie of Pittsburgh’s film community and we’re so proud to be a part of it.  Pittsburgh, let’s make some movies!



Check out Barb Vancheri's Article in the Post-Gazette 

Introducing the First Steeltown Indie Mentorship/Grants Selectees


  • Supported Project: Inside Out (Working Title) (Feature Film):  After a career- ending injury, A fourteen year old aspiring Olympic gymnast and her tattoo artist/Gym Dad father struggle to find new meaning in their lives.
  • Charlotte’s short, The Immaculate Reception was featured at Sundance in 2014, and she has been listed as one of Filmmaker Magazine’s “Filmmakers to Watch.”

  • Supported Project: The Sisters Sorella (Half-hour Sitcom Pilot or web-series): Free Spirited Italian sisters, Raffaella and Ernestine, find their lifestyles derailed when their oldest sister, the shrewd Concetta, shows up to live with them.
  • The Tressa and Don run a theater company, No Name Players. The team has been performing this show as a live sitcom to a regularly full house at Arcade Comedy Theatre.


  • Supported Project: Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart  (Third Installment of a Short Trilogy): A man battling with mental illness kills another man, chops him up, and hides the remains in the floorboards before revealing his secret.
  • The two installments of this trilogy received Mid-Atlantic Emmys. This project combines education and entertainment.


  • Supported Project: Buzz (Short Film): A beekeeper named Buzz falls in love and overcomes his normal qualities in a world where everyone has superpowers.
  • The recent Point Park graduates have already earned some Laurels. Dot, their short film, screened as part of Cannes Short Film Corner, and Garrett’s last short film, Milkman, won Best Student Film at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.


  • Supported Project: Candyland (Feature Film):  Desperate to escape his tragic life in a small town, a neglected teenage boy’s plan derails when an unexpected love and friendship develop with a boy new to town.
  • This script was originally written decades ago as a short story prior to being written as a feature.  Kris has worked with a variety of TV and film projects including The Shot Felt ‘Round the World.


  • Supported Project: The Rehabilitation of the Hill District Housing Projects by Gwendolyn Livingston (Feature Film): After her grandmother's suicide, Gwendolyn Livingston uses her inheritance to enact an experiment to change the world, against her family's wishes.
  • Demetrius has experience writing, directing and shooting in a variety of television and film projects and has worked with The Fred Rogers Company among many others.



About the Past Film Factory Competition

The Steeltown Indie Program evolved from the Steeltown Film Factory, a nationally recognized screenwriting & short filmmaking competition that ran from 2010-2014.

Steeltown has helped grow the independent film community in Pittsburgh by giving out over $200,000 through our Film Factory and grants, which has resulted in over 20 short films, two micro budget features, and several award winning documentaries. 

2010-2014 Film Factory Winning Films & Community Showcase Films



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The Steeltown Indie program is featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Read Barb Vancheri's film notes here.




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