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 Over the past five years, Steeltown's Film Factory Competition has given over $150,000 to incubate 20 short films and to support Pittsburgh's independent film community. 

This year, we are taking it to the next level, as our Film Factory evolves into our new Steeltown Indie Program.  This program will allow a larger variety of projects to be considered, such as feature length filmstelevision pilotsweb-series, and short films.

Project submissions will be based on a formal request for proposals.  Proposals will include materials such as a scriptproject treatmentbudgetcast and crew listletters of recommendation, and applicant's previous work.

We will continue to engage our network of advisors, and more actively mentor and nurture selectees as they develop their projects.  It is our hope that this new direction will create a stronger impact on Pittsburgh's growing independent film community, and that it will be another step forward to making Pittsburgh one of the best places to make television and film projects. 



About the Past Film Factory Competition

Steeltown’s Film Factory Competition was a nationally recognized screenwriting & short filmmaking competition, which ran from 2010-2014.  It is now being resturctured as it evolves into the new  "Steeltown Indie Program".

2014 Community Showcase Gallery: Featuring the top 20 selectees of the 2014 Steeltown Film Factory Competition.  

2010-2013 Film Factory Winning Films: Featuring the completed films from the winners of Steeltown Film Factory Competition. 

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The Steeltown Indie program is featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Read Barb Vancheri's film notes here.





Attention Student Filmmakers, Submit Your Short Film to the CMU Short Faces Student Film Competition!

The Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh invite all students to submit your short films to our 2015 Short Film Student Competition. Deadline is March 1, 2015! Don’t miss it!

 Win cash prizes up to $1,000 - First, Second, Third Place, and Honorable Mention Awards! Enter to win a $5,000 Scholarship from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for the Best High School Student Video. Network with filmmakers from Pittsburgh and around the world! Experiment with your cinematic voice! Make a name for yourself in Pittsburgh’s blossoming Pittsburgh industry. 

To submit your film, follow the directions in the submission form via the link here:



Read the Rules and Regulations here.


Read the FAQs here.


Read the list of required materials and correct formats and see what information is required on the submission application




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