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Submission for Steeltown Indie Filmmaking Grants is now closed.  Selectees will be announced soon. 


About the Past Film Factory Competition

Steeltown’s Film Factory Competition was a nationally recognized screenwriting & short filmmaking competition, which ran from 2010-2014.  It is now being resturctured as it evolves into the new  "Steeltown Indie Program".

2014 Community Showcase Gallery: Featuring the top 20 selectees of the 2014 Steeltown Film Factory Competition.  

2010-2013 Film Factory Winning Films: Featuring the completed films from the winners of Steeltown Film Factory Competition. 



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The Steeltown Indie program is featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Read Barb Vancheri's film notes here.







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Submission is now closed.

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