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Our Steeltown Indie Program offers educational and mentorship opportunities, provides networking events, and helps develop projects and people.  Our objective is to further strengthen and build Pittsburgh’s independent film community as a whole, as well as to provide even more targeted mentorship and development to the selectees of the first Steeltown Indie Class. Our six selectees (to be announced soon) will receive cash grants and access to a variety of mentors from Steeltown’s extensive network.  

We’re very excited about the talent, work ethic, character, and camaraderie of Pittsburgh’s film community and we’re so proud to be a part of it.  Pittsburgh, let’s make some movies!




About the Past Film Factory Competition

The Steeltown Indie Program evolved from the Steeltown Film Factory, a nationally recognized screenwriting & short filmmaking competition that ran from 2010-2014.

Steeltown has helped grow the independent film community in Pittsburgh by giving out over $200,000 through our Film Factory and grants, which has resulted in over 20 short films, two micro budget features, and several award winning documentaries. 

2010-2014 Film Factory Winning Films & Community Showcase Films



News, Upcoming Events, & Opportunities:


The Steeltown Indie program is featured in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Read Barb Vancheri's film notes here.




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