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May 17   |   11 am   |   University Center- GRW Theater (Point Park University)

General Admission: $15   |   Student Admission: $5

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New this year: Our Steeltown Film Factory Community Showcase is an online resource for the Pittsburgh region's aspiring filmmakers. The featured selectees are the top 20 submissions of the 2014 Steeltown Film Factory Competition. Learn more about these exciting artists, check out their scripts, and in the coming months, find out how you can support these projects and how you might get involved. 

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OPEN CASTING CALL FOR FILM FACTORY TABLE READS. Steeltown Entertainment Project will be hosting an open casting call to find actors and actresses for live...View Event »


STEELTOWN FILM FACTORY: AND THE WINNER IS. May 17   |   11 am   |   University Center- GRW Theater (Point Park University)General Admission: $15   |  ...View Event »

2014 Film Factory Competition

The submission period for the 2014 Steeltown Film Factory is now closed. 

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Announcing the 2014 Semifinalists and Community Showcase Selectees

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The following are excerpts from some of the most well respected screenwriting books in the industry.  Remember, no book or website will tell you how to write a screenplay, but we hope these resources will help you on our journey in learning the craft of screenwriting and becoming a filmmaker. Read More »