We can’t believe it’s back to school already. Luckily, we’re still basking in the glow that the 36 students in our Youth & Media Summer Intensive program left in our office. Their growth – professionally, creatively, and personally – impressed our entire staff and made us excited about the future of the entertainment industry in Pittsburgh.

During the program, we met students from Learn & Earn Pittsburgh, Amachi Pittsburgh, and 6 different schools from around the region. These students worked together as a team to create videos that expressed their creativity, as well as, videos that gave them the opportunity to work with clients. Over the course of six weeks, 20 videos were created including promotional videos for Amachi Pittsburgh and the Mentoring Partnership

Not only did these students create videos but also, they made new friends and colleagues. They learned skills like teamwork, collaboration, and responding to criticism. They met industry professionals, like Reed Agnew (Wilfred, Son of Zorn), and received advice for how to make the most of their future right here in Pittsburgh. 

We’re excited to announce that 12 new students from the Summer Intensive will be joining our Teen Film Crew! We’re excited to help grow and prepare for life after graduation and look forward to sharing their successes with you!


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