Michael Bartley PortraitSteeltown Entertainment Project CEO Carl Kurlander is pleased to announce that mediaconsultant and award winning Pittsburgh television journalist Michael Bartley has been named Executive Vice President of Production and Development at Steeltown. Michael joined Steeltown in January as a consulting producer for “The Reel Teens: Pittsburgh” mentoring 18 teens from different schools and different backgrounds for a program which airs on WPGH Fox 53.

“Michael has been so instrumental in our productions and overall success that we are very excited to have him here full time,” said Carl Kurlander, Steeltown’s president & CEO. Bartley will lead Steeltown’s expanding television production and implement his keen knowledge of sponsorship and development for the organization.

“I not only love the work Steeltown is doing, I just fell in love with the organization and its strategic goals of advancing Pittsburgh’s entertainment, film, and television prominence, and particularly its work with young people” Mr. Bartley said.

Michael Bartley spent 17 years as a host and managing editor at WQED Multimedia before joining Steeltown. He also spent 15 years anchoring and reporting the news in Milwaukee, WI and Green Bay, WI. Michael is a native of Pittsburgh and lives in the house where he grew up in the city’s Greenfield Neighborhood. Mr. Bartley has won 14 regional Emmys for excellence in journalism, as well as an Edward R. Murrow Award, a Gabriel Award, The Bill Burns Media Award, and numerous Pittsburgh Press Club Golden Quill Awards, among other professional honors. Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney has called Michael’s storytelling “… a true asset to the Pittsburgh region.”

Michael is honored and gratified to share his production and development skills and prowess toSteeltown, where he says “creativity is thriving and growing and benefiting the greatest city in America!”

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